Laine Conklin

Laine Conklin

Curriculum Vitae :

Laine Conklin has worked delivering communications and media coaching for senior executives and spokespeople for the last 20 years. She has worked with leading communication companies and as a solo practitioner. Her experience runs the gambit from start-up companies and Fortune 100’s including Pfizer, eBay, AOL/Time Warner and Deutsche Bank. CEO’s of note include Meg Whitman and John Donahoe of eBay, Bob Greifeld of the NASDAQ, Jeff Jordan and Scott Thompson of PayPal and Jack Dorsey of Twitter. She has also worked with many celebrities and athletes, including Al Harrington, Shawn Johnson, Dr. Drew, Suze Orman, Joey Kramer and Creed.

Recognized for her peer-level coaching and ability to transform technical concepts into laymen’s language, Laine is sought after by senior executives and has extensive experience in the healthcare, technology, financial services and consumer goods sectors. She has also trained hundreds of subject matter experts in a variety of setting including witness preparation. Laine specializes in executive/leadership communications skills, presentation skills, media skills, and expert testimony. She has worked with consumer advocate groups, specifically, Consumer Reports president and spokespeople for press inquiries and government advocacy.

Laine has worked with many spokespeople on the international front including the president of Tom Online in China, the president of Latin American Operations for Swiss Re, the president of Mercado Libre , the online marketplace for Latin America, and the head of operations for NASDAQ in India among others.

She has prepped many CEO’s and CFO’s for Keynote addresses and IPO roadshows, and specializes in content as well as delivery. Her client list, which includes celebrities, athletes, and authors, also notes President Bush’s daughter for a book tour on disenfranchised youth in Latin America. She has written promotional material, developed communication strategy programs and road show presentations for new and Fortune 100 companies.